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7 Watersports Activities in Cocoa Beach

Posted on 18 Jan, 2024 at 04:39 pm - by

Cocoa Beach is the epitome of perfection with awe-inspiring land views and vibrant city life. This metropolis exemplifies the small-town charm and the allure of Florida. With its lively options of nightlife and scenic views of sparkly shores, this city is a great center for thrill seekers. The extraordinary water activities this city promises make it a popular spot among outdoor enthusiasts. From magnificent kayak tours to exhilarating surfing experiences, this place offers an impeccable blend of adventure with sophisticated city elegance. In this blog, we will set off to explore the best things to do in Cocoa Beach. This exquisite journey will lead us to unveil the hidden wonders this city features.


Kayaking Tours

This magnificent tour makes you embark on a magical journey through the tranquil shores of the Indian River lagoon. The twilight views when the sun hides below the horizon make travelers witness awe-inspiring landscape spectacles of the shore. The pink mackerel belly clouds sailing across the orange orchids of the sky give a spellbound scenic view everyone desires to see. This tour is an excellent water activity with mind-blowing views offering nature lovers a great escapade. You have to paddle through the gentle calming shores of the river, the river is lined with mangrove trees as well. Apart from the extraordinary scenic views you get to witness the charming bird life or if you are lucky, you can see the playful dolphins during your travel. The skillful and well-educated guides further enhance your overall experience by narrating some alluring tales about the region's rich bygones and local life. This tour is perfect for an intimate escape or an unforgettable evening in the waterways.



This metropolis is best for surfing because of its tranquil and calm ripples. Cocoa Beach is well known as the surf capital of the east coast, because of its consistent and calm waves throughout the years. These factors enhance your surfing experience on a large scale. Ron Jon Surf Shop is also situated in the hub of this city, giving one more reason why Cocoa Beach stands out as the best option for surfing. This shop features board rentals and many other equipment required for this thrilling activity. The shop also gives basic surfing lessons to travelers. The best surf destinations in Cocoa Beach are Lori Wilson Park and Cocoa Beach Pier.


Standup Paddleboarding

Exploring and having a rewarding escapade on this scenic beach in Florida always promises travelers loads of unforgettable memories. Cocoa Beach is home to some of the most exciting beaches around, this fact particularly is a captivating aspect for those who love stand-up paddle boarding. When the tranquil waterways are calm and slow ripples gently touch the sandy sea sides, make sure to get in the water and do stand-up paddle boarding while maintaining your balance. Of course, apart from typical beach atmospheres and waves, you can do these thrilling activities in the Banana River and Indian River lagoon. Both destinations offer an impeccable blend of thrilling adventure with magnificent scenic views. While paddle boarding you can witness the friendly playful dolphins or can do bird watching. Many shops in Cocoa Beach rent paddle boards to enhance the experience of visitors. This thing is one of the best Cocoa Beach Florida things to do.


Jet Skiing

Jet skiing offers a thrilling adventure to thrill seekers. With jet skiing, you can further spice up your exploration. This exhilarating ride makes you witness the breathtaking views of dolphins playing around. As you rip apart those tranquil shores with a spray of water and the sun's warmth falling onto your face, you get a great venture. With a skillful guide with you the whole way, you get to experience this wholesome adventure, seeing the space coast like never before. For an elevated Jet Ski experience make sure to visit Wildlife watersports Cocoa Beach.



Cocoa Beach is the best spot for parasailing. It offers a multitude of experiences and parasailing ventures on the tranquil calm shores. The highly maintained and educated guide teams make sure that every travel enthusiast experiences a safe and exhilarating day. This place is known for its friendly and supportive staff making your experience fun and relaxing. This adventure makes sure to take all the visitors high up to make them witness the soaring majestic beauty of the land. It's a safe ride and no such accident has been recorded yet to this date. Thus, Cocoa Beach is an ideal location for incomparable voyages on the tranquil waterways of Cocoa Beach.


Fishing Charters

This metropolis offers exceptional fishing experiences. The Indian River and Banana Rivers are world-known destinations for fishing. The great freshwater makes these spots a hub for the most fertile fishing waterways. And if you love to go fishing, you can never resist the moment when a big-mouth fish explodes out of the water when hooked, resisting your force. The best spot to fish in Cocoa Beach is Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach Pier. These destinations offer nearshore fish such as Redfish, pompano, Snook, etc.



Kiteboarding in Cocoa Beach offers an enthralling experience to all outdoor enthusiasts. Adventurers can take guidance to have a safe ride. With consistent zephyrs and a lively atmosphere, Cocoa Beach is a hub that offers ideal locations for kiteboarding. The best spot for experiencing this remarkable quest is 520 Slick in Bicentennial Park.


Hotel Recommendation: Anthony's On the Beach

Anthony's On The Beach offers a plethora of modern facilities including beach chairs, umbrellas, and cabanas to enhance your beach experience. The lodgings here are comfortable and paired with stunning ocean views, offering guests a heightened experience. Each room is spacious, equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi and a flat-screen cable TV for added convenience. Its prime location provides easy access to numerous attractions in Cocoa Beach. Additionally, the on-site vending machines and complimentary parking contribute to making guests' stay more comfortable.

Thus, these were the best things to do by Cocoa Beach. This metropolis is an ideal hub for adventures and remarkable experiences with its panoramic views and thrilling activities.

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